Seasons Elemental Powers Personality Quiz

My first personality quiz on this blog! So, this isn’t going to be as simple as a Quotev quiz where you can simply select your answer and the computer will calculate your results for you. You will need a pencil or pen and a piece of scrap paper that you don’t care very much about so you can throw it away when you’re done, but is still big enough to write a series of letters on and count them up to determine your result. DON’T LEAVE YET!!! It’s not as bad as it sounds, I promise! Let’s start!

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Question 1: What is your preferred temperature?

A. Hot.

B. Cold.

C. Warm.

D. Cool.

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Question 2: What is your favourite colour? (Generic question? Maybe so, but who cares?)

A. Bright and bold colours. Like red, orange, and gold.

B. Cool, pale colours. Like blue, white, and silver.

C. Pastels. Pink, purple, yellow…etc.

D. Rich, natural shades. Like brown and amber. Or darker colours.

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Question 3: What is your favourite season?

A. Summer!!! >:D

B. Winter!

C. Spring! ❤

D. Autumn.

Question 4: Which of these is your favourite power?

A. Super speed.

B. Invisability.

C. Super strength.

D. Flight.

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Question 5: Which of these would you rather do with your friends?

A. Camping.

B. Skating.

C. Gardening.

D. Nature walk.

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Question 6: What would you rather do in your free time?

A. Ride a bike.

B. Build a snowman.

C. Pick flowers.

D. Read a book.

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Question 7: Which of these wild animals is your favourite?

A. Wolf

B. Snow Leopard

C. Grizzly Bear

D. Fox

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Question 8: Which would you keep as a pet?

A. Dog

B. Kitten

C. Bunny

D. Hedgehog

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Question 9: What is your style?

A. Shorts, tank tops, T-shirts, jeans, sandals or sneakers.

B. Wool sweaters, turtlenecks, dark pants, fuzzy booties.

C. Lacy shirts/skirts, frilly dresses, flats, leggings, clogs.

D. Leather jackets, long sleeves, skinny pants, combat boots.

Question 10: Which of these is your favourite mythical animal?

A. Dragon

B. Amarok

C. Winged Unicorn

D. Griffin

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Question 11: Which is your birth month?

A. June, July, August.

B. December, January, February.

C. March, April, May.

D. September, October, November.

Question 12: What do you hope you have?

A. Pyrokinesis!

B. Hydrokinesis/Cryokinesis!

C. Terrakinesis/Geokinesis!

D. Aerokinesis/Electrokinesis!

Mostly A’s

You have pyrokinesis!

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Fire powers! Nice! This could be the ability to manifest anything that burns, make you fire-resistant, or allow you to fly with flames. Others with this power include Pyro (X-Men), The Human Torch (Fantastic 4), Helsa (Fan-made knock-off of Elsa with fire-powers), Bruni (Frozen 2), Blaze The Cat (Sonic The Hedgehog), and Kai (LEGO Ninjago).

Mostly B’s

You have Hydrokinesis or Cryokinesis!

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Hydrokinesis is the ability to manifest and manipulate water. With this power, you could control anything in its liquid form and even breathe underwater! Cryokinesis is the ability to manipulate ice. You could also control snow. In a way, the two are connected, so you could even have both! Others with Hydrokinesis include Nokk (Frozen 2), Chaos (Sonic The Hedgehog), and Nya (LEGO Ninjago). Others with Cryokinesis include Elsa (Frozen), Robert Drake “Iceman” (X-Men), Periwinkle and Silvermist (Tinkerbell), and Zane (LEGO Ninjago).

Mostly C’s

You got Geokinesis or Terrakinesis!

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Geokinesis/Terrakinesis is the ability to manipulate earth and nature. In a way, it might be the most powerful of of all, as it is connected to all the elements. You can move mountains, cause earthquakes, talk to animals, manipulate plants, and even create and manipulate gemstones, crystals, and metal! Others with this power include The Earth Giants (Frozen 2), Cole (LEGO Ninjago), Poison Ivy (Batman), Rosetta and Faun (Tinkerbell), Fluttershy (My Little Pony), and Magneto (X-Men).

Mostly D’s

You have Aerokinesis/Electrokinesis!

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You are one with the wind and sky! You have the ability to create powerful windstorms that could wipe out entire cities! You can make it snow, hail, and rain. You can move things with wind. You can even fly with wind! Others with this power include Gale (Frozen 2), Vidia (Tinkerbell), Morro (LEGO Ninjago), and Storm (X-Men).

And that’s THE END! Thank you so much for reading this! Make sure to like and comment your results! See you next time!

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