Upcoming Personality Quizzes!

Here’s a list of the quizzes I’m planning to create here on WordPress!

Seasons Elemental Powers

A quiz that tells which of the four elemental powers you would have based on your personality. Each season has an Element. Spring = Earth/Nature, Summer = Fire, Autumn = Wind/Sky, Winter = Ice.

Your Inheritance Cycle Dragon

Based on Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle. Since the dragons are back, I thought it would be great to make a quiz that tells you what colour and personality your dragon has, along with a few suggestions for names.


This is mostly for girls, though I’m thinking of also making one for boys in the future. Another Generic Sonic WWFFY with a selection of popular characters and a series of simple (ahem! dumb) questions that lead up to a corny romantic RP result.

WWFFY Sonic The Hedgehog Heroes Edition

A cliché high school romance with STH. Basically Once Upon A Time & Equestria Girls in Sonic. Nobody has any powers or chaos energy or memory of their life before. But, bright side, they wear clothes now!

WWFFY Sonic The Hedgehog Villains Edition

Same as the one above, but with villains for results instead of heroes. This is where you will go if you were hoping for Scourge or Jet or Mephiles.

My Little Pony: Which Pony Are You?

I will create a few characters, and you will see which one you are. Along with which Element of Harmony you wield. This will also be a preview for an RP series I’m thinking of starting.

These are the ones I’m gonna be focusing on for now. More on the way!

Published by estherhutchinson

I'm just a crazy weird fangirl who spends most of her time writing fan fiction and quizzes. I HAVE A SHOW!!! (Well, I guess it's technically a blog, but whatever.)

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