The True Meaning Of Tolerance

Do you believe you’re tolerant? Even for people who disagree with you? If you’re Left, could you get along with someone who’s Right? And vice-versa?

What DOES tolerance mean to you? Only talking with people who have matching opinions to your own? Only being friends with people in the same political group as you? Threatening the people who celebrated the new president’s election, complaining nonstop about him (or her) for four years straight, and then telling them to “Suck it up! Like WE sucked it up!” when they point out that your favorite candidate hasn’t really been elected yet? To viciously attack people in opposite political groups on the street? To troll and hate on people you disagree with online, and then say you’re happy they’re dead when they commit suicide because of it?

If you do all that and then call yourself a tolerant person, I’m sorry but you’re not. If you believe that you are, then you are VERY deceived.

I had an experience with one such person on a 16Personalities website. He claimed to be tolerant of other’s opinions. And he was asking us what we would do if we found out God was real but stood for everything we were against. I said I would worship Him anyway since He knows what is right, and almost every person there attacked me. But especially the one who asked the question. When I pointed out that he wasn’t being tolerant with me, he only said that he was tired and “you blindly religious people, ya’ll don’t sit well with me.” (emphasis added by me).

That is not tolerance! Okay?! You cannot claim to be tolerant, and then treat people that way! Sure, you can present your opinions and even argue a little bit, but you cannot crush them and tell them to shut up!

Don’t make people feel bad for their opinions. They have a good reason for believing what they believe just the same as you do. You have to be tolerant as a friend, family member, and resident of Earth where there are billions of people with different opinions.

Why don’t we all give tolerance, REAL tolerance, a try?

Published by estherhutchinson

I'm just a crazy weird fangirl who spends most of her time writing fan fiction and quizzes. I HAVE A SHOW!!! (Well, I guess it's technically a blog, but whatever.)

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