Upcoming Role Plays!!!

These are the RPs I’m thinking of posting. Here’s how this works, I post the ideas, and you readers vote on the ones you like best. The one with the most votes will be the first one to launch.

How To Train Your Dragon: Dragon Mountain

Takes place about sixteen years after Hidden World. There is a mountain beyond the Hidden World of Dragons that reaches up into the clouds. It is populated by humans and dragons alike. And any person who reaches the age of twelve years and older is considered grown-up, and has the choice of training their own dragon. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments.


Powerful beings exiled from their home dimension, separated from everyone they love. And worst of all, they don’t remember anything. This RP will be full of mythical creatures and characters from every franchise you love! (As long as I’m familiar with it.)

Wings Of Fire RP

I don’t have anything ready for this yet, but it would help if you guys would create your characters and provide suggestions for a story that we can build together as we go along.

Sonic The Hedgehog x Reader Wedding

Basically what it says in the title. I’ll create a series of weddings when you get married to the Sonic The Hedgehog characters of your dreams. Yes, I take requests.

Those are all the RPs I have ready! If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments right after your votes! That’s all folks!

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I'm just a crazy weird fangirl who spends most of her time writing fan fiction and quizzes. I HAVE A SHOW!!! (Well, I guess it's technically a blog, but whatever.)

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