Untitled STH Fan Fiction By Esther

So, this is some random Sonic The Hedgehog fan fiction by me. I’m gonna warn you know, each part that I post is probably gonna take place at a different point in time. Example: Present, Present, Flashback, Future, Flashback, Present, Future, etc, etc. But I’m gonna do my best to make sure it all works together as part of the story. I haven’t picked a title yet, so if at some point down the line, one of you comes up with a good one, post it in the comments, we’ll vote on it, and my FanFic will be named!

Includes: Romance, Drama, Gore, (possibly horror), Cute, (maybe limes), tragedy (maybe).

Copyrighted Characters I’m Using

(The likeliness of each one’s appearance is rated on a scale of 1 to 10.)

Sonic The Hedgehog__9

Shadow The Hedgehog__10

Silver The Hedgehog__8

Tails The Fox__8

Amy Rose__5

Sally Acorn__5

Knuckles The Echidna__5

Scourge The Hedgehog__10

Mephiles The Dark__1

Other Evil Twins and/or prisoners in the No Zone__3

Zonic and other Zone Cops__4

Fan-Made Characters I’m Using

(Likelihood of appearance is again rated on a scale of 1 to 10.)

Esther Hutchinson__10

Marideth Hutchinson__9

Georgia Hutchinson__8

Ulrich Hutchinson__4

Other__We’ll see what happens…

The first part will be posted shortly.

Published by estherhutchinson

I'm just a crazy weird fangirl who spends most of her time writing fan fiction and quizzes. I HAVE A SHOW!!! (Well, I guess it's technically a blog, but whatever.)

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