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“Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” “Those are the best kind.”
“I think you guys are the GOAT!!!”
“Well, I love your daughter, so does that mean you’re gonna kill her too?”
“And IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII will try not to forget yoouuuuuuuu! But let’s be realistic. Some things change over time.”
“I’m Spider-Man, ya’ll!”

Okay, lazy outro time! I’ll see ya in the next one! Esther, out!

Stories I’m Thinking of Writing

Hi! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. This is just a list of upcoming fan fiction series’ like Once Upon A Dance that I will probably be writing soon. I just don’t have enough plot right now or I need votes for things I’m having trouble deciding on.

Royal Drama

A WandaVision knock-off. In this story, Scourge and my OC were engaged before the Super Genesis Wave wiped him and almost all of my friends out of existence. While grieving, she accidentally used her chaos powers to create a whole new world similar to that of Sonic and The Black Knight. In this world, she is a princess who must be married before she can become queen. I can assure that lots of beloved characters will make appearances, and I will take requests for any I may have left out. I will also use your OCs if you ask. This one’s almost completely planned out, so keep an eye open for it.

(Currently Untitled)

In this one, my OC, Hutches Lavra, is a fallen Jedi who comes to Mobius. She meets The Freedom Fighters, and discovers Tails is force sensitive. She offers to train him, and he accepts, advancing faster than nearly any Padawan in history. However, there’s more to Hutches than meets the eye, and danger lurks around every corner. I think you can expect plenty of action, romance, and betrayal in this fanfic! (I hope so, anyway. It’s not super developed, and I’m kind of falling out of love with it.)

Equestrian Mobius (Sonic Boys x Handicapped! Female Reader)

Sonic The Hedgehog, a boarding school, horses, and YN is wheelchair-bound. I haven’t decided yet if she was born that way, or if she had an accident, which is why I need your votes. I DO know that she will be an expert horse-woman in spite of her disability. I’m still working on the plot, but it should be fun to work with, so hopefully it’ll be ready soon!

Okay! That’s what I’ve got for now! But make sure to be on the look-out for a series of X Reader stories in the Sonic canon! I also will work on more HTTYD and Eragon stuff in my spare time. And you can expect plenty of Filler Content.

Until next time! Esther, out!

How To Train Your Dragon: Relationship Headcanons

Sorry I haven’t posted in a long time. Here’s some “Filler Content” to entertain you while I work on the stuff you actually like. This is NOT canon, just my take on how I think these characters would interact with you as friends. In this case, you’re probably the glue that holds “The Gang” together despite all their differences. And here’s how;


  • Mostly wants to talk about dragons.
  • But sometimes, if he needs counseling, he’ll come to you with personal topics (i.e. His relationships with Astrid and his parents or his frustration over the behavior of Snotlout and the Twins.) and you’ll give advice to the best of your ability.
  • He admires your intelligence.
  • You will often find yourself dragged along on some “training exercise” or “short flight” or “exploration” that ends up lasting two days.
  • Of course, he’ll apologize for inconveniencing you, and you’ll probably forgive him (whether or not you actually show it).
  • You’re pretty close friends and he trusts you almost as much as Astrid. You’ll always have each other’s backs.


  • It’s probably mostly battle-training with her.
  • Target practice, sparring, or strategic board games. You name it! If it has to do with combat, you’ll probably be doing it.
  • Of course, she usually wins.
  • But she still respects you, especially when you do manage to beat her at hand-to-hand combat.
  • Sometimes, spending time with her is more relaxing. Like an early morning flight and sitting on a cliff to watch the sunrise while you talk about light-hearted topics.
  • Astrid loves you and trusts you like a sibling. If she had to pick one person to fight alongside with (besides Hiccup), she’d probably pick you.


  • As you’ve seen, he’s quite the nerd. He’ll probably want to just read or meditate or study the flora and fauna of wherever you are.
  • He’s pretty sweet, you thinks it’s cute/funny how he gets so excited about the smallest things, like a new variation in his favourite flower, or a new attack style of a common dragon species you just discovered.
  • Of course, sometimes he’s content to just sit and talk.
  • He likes how you respect and (at least try) to understand what he’s saying, instead of being, well, like Snotlout.
  • Meatlug loves you, especially when you scratch her “special spot”.
  • Don’t matter where or when, the two of them are always up for hanging out with you.


  • You’re one of the few people that can stand his ego without grumbling or making faces.
  • He takes it to mean that you respect him.
  • In a way, you do. Just like you respect and accept all your friends, regardless of their… flaws.
  • Snotlout has many, many flaws.
  • But he also makes up for it with his strengths.
  • He’s surprisingly wise and insightful. He knows a lot about dealing with family issues.
  • He helps whenever you’re having a problem with your friend(s), parent(s), or sibling(s).
  • Of course, he’s not as charming as he thinks he is. If you’re a girl, he’ll try to flirt (badly). But you find it more amusing than annoying.
  • You’re good friends, and probably always will be.


  • You don’t always understand her, but you try to. Maybe that’s why she likes you so much.
  • You do a lot of crazy “nut” things together.
  • The one and only time you accepted the Thorston challenge, you lost. Yeah, that wasn’t so fun…
  • You tried to teach her how to cook once, it didn’t work as well as you would have liked, but she’s slightly better at it now.
  • You’re good friends, and wouldn’t trade each other for anything!


  • He’s… different.
  • Like you did Ruffnut, you tried to teach him to cook also. And got so frustrated you almost jumped off a cliff just to end your suffering, but Belch caught you before you fell very far.
  • He can be surprisingly clever sometimes, like when he invented those ziplines.
  • You laughed at him when he told you the world was round, but then he showed you the evidence. Like the shape of the horizon and the way the stars move and the way ships and other objects disappear below when they get far enough away, and then you became a believer.
  • He likes that you actually take the time to listen to and consider his ideas, no matter how crazy they might seem.
  • You respect each other, and you can depend on one another anytime.


  • She’s a nice change from all the rough and rowdy Vikings at Berk.
  • You both share a love of cooking, and are very talented at it.
  • She’s really easy to talk to.
  • And she shares a lot with you. You and Astrid both knew that she was really on your side when she pretended to join the Dragon Hunters.
  • You get along really well, and you often go off together to just talk.
  • Your close friends that can tell each other anything.


  • He’s an interesting friend to have.
  • Mostly wants to play Maces and Talons while you’re hanging out.
  • But he doesn’t mind just walking and talking occasionally.
  • Usually at night at the edge of a cliff.
  • He has a very morbid sense of humor, so often he’ll make morbid jokes and you’ll be horrified, but also amused.
  • You’re one of the few people he trusts. He tells you almost everything when he’s sure you’re alone.
  • You were one of the first to trust him when he turned good, and he appreciates that.
  • You are very good friends, and whenever you’re bored, or in need of a challenge, you can always go to him for a little Maces and Talons.


  • He’s wild, and he plays rough.
  • It keeps you on your toes, though, so you benefit somewhat from it.
  • He can play some pretty nasty pranks.
  • And he makes some pretty… interesting jokes.
  • You still laugh though, whether you’re amused or just being polite.
  • He’s pretty sensitive, despite being a psychotic Berserker warrior.
  • It’s not that hard to hurt his feelings.
  • But of course, he’ll always forgive you. Especially since you didn’t mean to hurt him.
  • You were one of the guests of honor at his and Mala’s wedding.
  • In short, you’re very good friends. He even made you the godfather/mother of their children!


  • She’s pretty serious most of the time.
  • But that doesn’t mean she won’t want to sit down and be civil with you.
  • She often invites you to tea.
  • You both have a great respect for dragons and the Eruptadon.
  • It’s rare that she just relaxes to be a person. And she mostly just does it with you or Dagur.
  • You often give each other good advice.
  • She made you a guest of honor at her and Dagur’s wedding, AND the godfather/mother of their children!
  • You are very good friends.

Okay, that’s it! But if you’d like to request another character (like Gobber, Dagur, Mala, Viggo, or anyone else), I’ll be happy to add them. Until next time! Esther, out.

Once Upon A Dance: Pt. 8

All right! Here’s part eight! It’s probably taken me awhile, I don’t know why I bother with these enthusiastic intros anymore, but here we go!

WARNING! Includes parental abuse, spying on your neighbors, Unplanned, and window seats. Honestly, it might be kind of boring and depressing.

Photo by Gary Barnes on Pexels.com



This top…
These pants…
These boots…
And these earrings.

Scourge The Hedgehog

Bernadette The Hedgehog (Anti-Bernie. AKA, Scourge’s mom.)

Laura Lori Hutchinson (my mom <3)

Chris Seth Hutchinson (my dad <3)

Mary Edith Grace Hutchinson

Part Eight: My Neighbor. My Enemy. My Friend. My… ?

I sat on the window seat in my bedroom, staring out the window. I had been reading, but my gaze gradually stole over to my neighbor’s house, the graphic novel sprawled across my lap, forgotten for the moment.

The neighbor’s house was an abandoned-looking old building, the paint faded, the windows cracked, and the shingles falling out. It leaned to the side slightly from having settled for so long. In short, it was a fixer upper, but you could tell that it had once been a very lovely home.

I remembered when we first moved to town, ours had been a fixer upper too. But we all worked together and fixed it up, and now it was more beautiful than ever.

Of course, it has to be MUCH bigger to hold our family of 10, but I like the shape and colour of this one. So just imagine it’s a lot bigger on the inside than it looks.

I was jolted out of my reverie when a loud crash came from the house next door. I looked down just in time to see a book shattering the side window, bouncing off of the tall, white privacy fence that surrounded our yard.

“I TOLD YOU TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH!” A harsh, feminine voice barked. There was no response, but not long after, the front door opened and Scourge staggered out, dragging a bulging, black trash bag behind him. Blood trickled down his temple from a cut on his eyebrow, and his jaw was set in determination and anger. He dropped the bag in the trash can in the alley beside his house and sat down with his back to the wall, glaring at our fence. He picked up the book that had been thrown and started reading it, before his mother yelled “MAURICE! GET INSIDE, NOW!”. He stood up, tucking the book under his arm and went back inside with a huff.

I could hear the distant squabble of his mother “lecturing” him, but I couldn’t make out the words. I knew there would probably be some cursing and throwing involved, so I got up, put my shoes on, and rushed downstairs.

“They’re at it again!” I gasped as I ran by mom and dad, they gave each other cconcerned looks.

“Be safe,” My dad said. I nodded my thanks and ran out, closing the door behind me.

We had tried calling the police one time when we saw Scourge’s parents abusing him, but they hid the evidence so well that nothing could be done when the officers’ arrived. We ended up having to pay a fine, and things only got worse next door, with The Hedgehog’s becoming unfriendly towards us, especially Scourge, who told me at school that I and my family had better “stay out of it”, even going so far as to threaten my cat, Guinevere, and torturing me at school.

The only thing left that we could think of was distract his parents somehow by “paying a visit” and “inviting” Scourge over. My parents usually were the ones who went, since none of the rest of us cared to (bullying issues and the fact that he had scary parents helped with that). His parents only reluctantly let him come when I was the one that went over. (I suspected it was because his mother thought we were dating and because of how well-off we were financially, that would mean she might see some of that money someday. He was fairly quiet when he was at our house and usually stayed sitting or standing in one place, only speaking when spoken to. I think our help only made him uncomfortable, and that made him angrier. Anger which he then took out on me in school. (If you’re thinking I didn’t tell my parents about this, I did. We just happen to be Christians, so we’re all about kindness and forgiveness and peace and loving your enemy, etcetera.)

I don’t know what changed to make him suddenly stop, but one day he did. And then, the notes started being passed in the classroom, and he started giving me little things here and there (flowers, candy, cards, etc.), and then there was that kiss at the dance… I didn’t want to think he just wanted to date me for a little while and then dump me, but given his history, it seemed likely. However, I was choosing to hope that he really did want to be friends (and maybe someday, something more).

I pushed these thoughts aside as I approached the front door. The doorbell was busted, so I had to knock, being careful not get splinters. The voices inside suddenly stopped, and after a looong time, the door opened. Mrs. The Hedgehog was a medium height female blue hedgehog with a bang of ruffled blonde hair over one blue eye, and a beautiful facial complexion, slender, perfect figure. She wore a spotless lilac coloured blouse and clean, unwrinkled skinny jeans with a pair of black ballet flats. Honestly, I couldn’t find anything wrong with her. But she gave off this vibe. There was something terrifying about her! (Plus, she threw things at Scourge. Sometimes they were harmless, like pillows, and sometimes they were more lethal, like glass bottles and even a knife once!)

She smiled, but it didn’t quite reach her eyes. “Why hello there, Estrella!” She cooed. “Don’t you look lovely!” (The change that came over her when I was at the door was frightening!) I returned the smile as best as I could.

“Thank you, ma’am. So do you. Is Scour- Maurice at home?” I asked. She smiled.

“Oh, yes! He just got back from school.” She said. “Maurice, dear! Estrella’s here to see you!” She called up the stairs.

“Be right down!” Came the distant reply.

“Maurice talks about you all the time!” Bernadette said while we waited. I wasn’t so sure that was true, but I smiled shyly anyway.

“He does?” I asked, blushing lightly.

“Oh, yes! He’s told me all about your grades and your family and your little kitten! He mentioned you like to read?” Bernadette replied.

“Oh, uh–! Yes, I do.” It was the truth, I did like to read. But that was no secret. Everyone at school would have seen me spending my spare time in the library at some point. Bernadette smiled.

“We have a big library just full of books that sadly, have been neglected! Feel free to come over and read them at any time!” She said.

“Thank you,” I bowed my head respectfully just as Scourge appeared behind his mother. She turned to him, smiling brightly, and gave him a big hug.

“Hi, Estrella,” He said, fake smiling. “What did you want to see me for?”

“I thought you might like to come over and watch a movie with us.” I replied, smiling at him.

“Ooh! A movie! I’m sure Maurice would love to come!” Bernadette said brightly. Beside her, Scourge nodded resignedly.

“Be safe! Make sure you’re back before dark!” She said, kissing his head.

“Okay…” Scourge replied, half-heartedly hugging her. He turned and came outside, slinging his backpack over his shoulder. I realized he’d packed for an overnight stay, which made sense since his dad had a tendency to lock Scourge out of the house when he came home.

We waved goodbye as we walked down the paved walkway. Bernadette waved back before shutting the door tightly and locking it. Scourge sighed, and relaxed his posture, dropping the fake smile. “You people just don’t know when to quit, do ya?” He looked down at me.

“Just because you aren’t ready to admit when you need help, doesn’t mean we’re gonna stop.” I informed him. “You’re welcome.” I smiled and Scourge rolled his eyes.

“Don’t expect a “thank you”.” He warned. I smirked.

“Don’t worry, your thanks is implied.” I said. “Besides, you like staying at our house, don’t try to deny it.” I added. Scourge snorted.

“I like the game room/arcade in your basement, that’s it.” He said. I laughed and shoved his arm. Then squealed as he poked me in the ribs (my ticklish spot), and I made a run for it as he began to chase me. We went inside, both laughing as I closed the door.

“Whew!” I sighed, leaning against it. “We’re home!” I called.

“Hi!” My mom called cheerfully. “Come inside!”

We took off our shoes and put them on the rack, stepping into the living room where my parents sat side-by-side on the loveseat, each reading a book. They looked up.

“Hi, Scourge.” My mom smiled kindly. “How are you?” My mom was a beautiful hedgehog with dark brown fur, thick curly spines and hair, and pale blue eyes framed by long curly eyelashes. Scourge nodded.

“I’m okay, thanks.” He said politely.

“What should we watch?” I asked, getting right to the point as I headed downstairs to the theater room. The others following behind.

“I’m okay with whatever, as long as it’s not too depressing.” Scourge said.

“How about Unplanned?” I asked.

“Estrella, that’s kind of depressing.” My mom pointed out.

“I might not mind. Like, on a scale of one to ten, how depressing is it?” Scourge asked. I looked at mom for permission before shrugging.

“I’d say it’s like five to six. Maybe seven. It gets kind of intense is all.” I said as we entered the dimly lit room Mary Edith, Georgie, and Eric already sat. Mom smiled and Dad nodded in agreement.

“All right then! Let’s watch Unplanned!” Scourge said, taking a seat. “What’s it about?”

“Abortion.” Mary Edith said flatly.

“Oh.” Scourge said.


I was still crying for the baby that died. I could hear my mom and sisters also crying. Scourge sat, staring blankly at the screen that was still rolling the credits.

“Huh…” Was all he said, before turning to me. “Are you okay?” He asked. I shook my head.

“I will never be okay!” I declared passionately. He patted my back comfortingly. I wiped my eyes and sat up with a sigh. “So, what do you guys want to do now?” I asked.

“Join a Pro-Life movement.” Georgie said.

Scourge stood and stretched, yawning. “I’m actually kind of tired.” He said.

“Want me to walk you back?” I asked. He shook his head.

“I’ll just check and see if I can get in.” He said. I nodded.

Let’s just say, Scourge ended up sleeping on our living room couch that night.


Sorry to cut it short at the end without adding any bonding or heartwarming moments between me and Scourge at the end. I was feeling lazy and I really wanted to get this done. I may return someday to add to this, but for now, this is what you get. I’m super sorry everyone… Until next time! Esther, out!

Dragon Mountain Role Play: The Dragons Arrive

Long ago, in a dimension much like our own and yet, completely different (called How To Train Your Dragon XD), there lived the dragons. Safe from hunters in their Hidden World.

Every villager on this mountain gets a chance to find their very own dragon as soon as they turn twelve, at a special ceremony at the top of the mountain that takes place yearly. There’s always a perfect dragon for everyone!

Will the dragons can continue their tradition of flying to a large mountainous island where they will choose a rider to live with for the rest of their lives? Or will they decide to stay hidden forever?


YN = Your Name

MN = Mom’s Name

DN FN = Dad’s Name or Father’s Name

FT = Favourite Tea

FC = Favourite Colour(s)

DT = Dragon Type

DN = Dragon’s Name

Author’s Note:

There’s a few things I need to clear up before we start. I do not own any of the names, places, or images represented in this. Except my OCs so don’t steal them! And the mountain these people live on is also a product of my imagination. This is taking place about sixteen years after The Hidden World.

Also, the intro above was just to be dramatic. Of course the dragons are coming back to the mountain! (At least, the ones that choose to will!) That’s the whole point of Part 1! Also, everyone on the Mountain is a Bible following, traditional Christian. If you don’t like this, then just ignore my references to God and scripture.

If you want to, you can create your own Viking in the comments and describe your dragon. Obviously, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. (You are entitled to your privacy.) But it might be fun (for me) if you decide to so I’ll give you a little guide using my character describer as a role model.

Name: Aster Whitelily (Last names are optional!)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Height: 5′ 6″

Weight: 118 lbs. (She’s pretty scrawny!)

Physical Appearance: Long, long, LOOONG!, brown hair that she keeps neatly braided (the braid goes down to her knees), ivory skin, pale blue eyes, and a light scattering of freckles over her nose and cheeks. Very slender and not very strong (despite living in a rough Viking world). They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I’m just going to say here that I think she is very pretty but you can decide that for yourself.

Clothing: (You can use a link to a picture if you want, or if you’re having trouble describing it for yourself). Light blue tunic with long puffy sleeves that are gathered tightly at the wrists, black leather armored corset laced up the back, tight dark brown pants, black leather belt with a few pouches attached, knee-high leather boots, and an amulet on a golden chain with a large turquoise stone attached. The Strike Class symbol is carved on the front of the gem. She also wears a brown leather satchel with the strap slung over her left shoulder.

Personality: Smart, sweet, sometimes sarcastic, good with animals, not so good with people.

Other: (This is where you put down extra information that didn’t really fit anywhere else. Like hobbies and habits.) Enjoys reading, writing, and drawing. Especially about dragons!

Dragon: Night Light Fury

Name: Dart (Sorry if you wanted her!)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Wingspan: 44 ft.

Length: 24 ft.

Weight: 1,700 lbs.

Physical Appearance: Iridescent/pearlescent black scales that sparkle like snow with white marks on her face, neck, back, tail, and ears. Startling, pale blue eyes. Very slim and graceful.

Saddle: (This is optional, if you prefer to ride bareback, that’s fine). None just yet.

Personality: Sweet, smart, playful, curious, sometimes kind of sassy.

Other: Likes to lay in the sun with Esther leaning against her reading her stories, likes playing fetch, and flying to new places to explore. Also likes spending time at the beach, just hanging out and maybe swimming and eating a fish or two.

And that’s the/my character profile! Now, let’s start the RP!


You woke up to the warm golden sunlight streaming through your window. You sat up, rubbing your eyes and climbed out of bed. Today was the day you finally got your very own dragon! You had been dreaming of this day ever since you learned what dragons were.

Quickly, you got dressed and rushed downstairs to the kitchen. Your mother (MN, Mother’s Name) was already there, cooking breakfast.

“Good morning, YN!” She called, as she set some freshly baked bread on the table, alongside a cooked fish and an apple. “How was your sleep?”

“It was good, thanks Mom!” You said, sitting down. “Where’s Dad?” You asked as she placed a cup of FT tea in front of you.

“He had to go to work in the fields, he said to tell you he wishes you luck.” Your mom said, taking a seat across from you.

“Oh.” You say, a little disappointed your dad wouldn’t be taking the walk with you to find your dragon. Your mom patted your hand affectionately.

“I know you really wanted him to be there, but you can still show him your dragon when he gets home. And I’m sure he’ll be happy to help you train it.” Your mom said comfortingly. You smiled.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

The two of you finished eating and then put your cloaks on for the journey to the top of the Mountain. Your mother called her dragon, an elegant female Hobblegrunt named Skydancer, for you both to ride on your way. It made more sense than walking since your family lived so close to the bottom of the mountain.

On your way, you stopped by your best friend, Aster’s hut. She ran out to meet you with a satchel slung over her shoulder that looked pretty stuffed.

“Hey YN! Hello Mrs. LN!” She called, mounting Skydancer and seating herself behind you.

“Hello Aster.” Your mother smiled.

“Hi there Aster! That satchel looks pretty full.” You nodded at the brown leather carrier.

“I’m ready for anything!” Aster smiled, adjusting the strap on her shoulder. You smiled, shaking your head and your mother urged Skydancer back into flight.

You finally arrived at the top. Your mother guided Skydancer to perch near the edge of the tabletop peak. You can see that many of the other children and adolescents of the mountain are already here, gathered in large groups and chattering excitedly (with the exception of a few wallflowers here and there). You slide off of Skydancer’s back with Aster following close behind. You smile up at your mother.

“Thanks for the ride, Mom!” You say. Aster nods.

“Yes, thank you!” She chirps. Your mother smiles.

“You’re very welcome, dearest. Good luck!” She smiles and waves at you, and you and Aster return it. You can see the elder of the Mountain, Magnus The Wise, sitting astride his Raincutter dragon, Stormeater. Aster grasped your hand, suddenly nervous.

“What if I don’t find a dragon today?” She whispered. “I couldn’t live with that!”

“Everything will happen the way God wants it to.” You say, stroking her hand comfortingly. You didn’t want to admit that the same worries had plagued you all day.

Suddenly, Magnus raised his wooden staff and called for order. The children all fell into respectful silence and looked up at him with large eyes, except the older ones, who kept a straight face and respectfully listened to his every word.

“This is probably one of the most important days of your life,” Magnus began. “The time you will choose the dragon that you will spend the rest of your life with, and vice-versa. Before they get here, I must offer you some advice. Be patient, you won’t find the perfect dragon immediately. And choose wisely. You’ll know in your soul when you have found the right one.” Magnus paused for breath. “And by all means, please keep calm! These are wild dragons may I remind you. And loud noises and thrashing about and scrambling to be first in line will most certainly scare them away! Please, wait for your name to be called before you approach the herd. We don’t want a repeat of last year.”

You winced, remembering how the children of last year had let their excitement get the better of them and ended up scaring the dragons back to the Hidden World. Nobody got a dragon that year… You nodded your head, determined to be the best behaved that you could.

“With that out of the way,” Magnus continued. “I wish you all good luck. Now, please step back and make room for the dragons.” He gestured with his staff towards the vast herd of multiple species of dragons approaching from the East. (The Mountain is farther West than the Hidden World, which is why the dragons would be coming from the East, not the West. I’m just saying this so that fans of the films don’t get technical with me because I know the Hidden World is West of Berk, thank you!)

You moved with the crowd of children to the edge of the Mountain to make as much room for the dragons as possible. The landed with a great rushing of wings and thudding of talons. In every colour of the spectrum, and in all shapes and sizes! You bit your cheek to keep from shrieking in excitement.

Magnus pulled a roll of paper out of his cloak and unrolled, clearing his throat. “Seren Almondman.” He said, in a calm controlled voice so as not to frighten the dragons.

A small, blonde girl with dark eyes and bird-like features stepped cautiously out of the crowd and approached the dragons, soon becoming lost in the mass of wings, horns, and tails.

She emerged nearly twenty-three minutes later with a beautiful purple and yellow Deadly Nadder at her side.

“Aster Whitelily.” Magnus called. Aster gave you a nervous glance and you gave her hand a reassuring squeeze before letting go and disappearing into the hoard of dragons.

She reemerged thirty-two minutes later with what appeared to be a Light Fury but mostly black. You realized it must be a mutant, or a hybrid. Whatever it was, it was gorgeous, and got more than a few jealous murmurs from the crowd.

This beautiful dragon, but fully grown, obviously! ❤

Aster joined you, smiling so widely you thought her face would split. “This is Dart. She’s a Night Fury and Light Fury cross.” She whispered as Dart nuzzled your hand.

“How do you know that?” You asked, stroking the pretty dragon’s head.

“Duh. She told me. Can you believe her dad is the last Night Fury in existence?!” Aster said. You smiled sadly. There was a rumor that the last Night Fury lived at the Hidden World. But the fact that Aster still believed that she could speak Dragon even though she was well past the age of six was little disheartening. You prayed she would come to her senses. (Sorry for deciding your opinion on Aster’s “gift” for you. If you think differently, you can let me know in the comments.)

Magnus continued calling out names. And one by one children entered the mob, got a dragon, and either went home or stuck around to see what their friends, siblings, cousins, or other family would get.

Finally, Magnus called out “YN LN.” and you turned to get a reassuring smile from Aster before you yourself entered the herd.

It was hot, smelly, and slightly moist. Brightly coloured scales blinded you on all sides, no matter which way you looked. They even blotted out the sky!

It’s hard to say how long you were in there for. You spent most of your time introducing yourself to different dragons and trying to see if they felt right.

Suddenly, you saw it. The perfect dragon for you! You almost didn’t notice it at first because it was hidden behind a Monstrous Nightmare. It’s head was hung low in an oddly self-conscious way, as though it was torn between wanting to be noticed by you and not, and worried about what you would think of it.

You smiled, walking over slowly, and speaking in a soothing tone.

“Hey there, I’m YN.” You crooned, stroking its head. It purred at you softly, rubbing its snout against your arm. You smiled. “I think I’ll call you… DN.” You said. DN made a face at you that looked like a smile. You nuzzled their nose and led them out of the herd.

This was your dragon now. And with it came intense feelings of freedom, responsibility, anxiety, excitement, joy, and love for DN.

You couldn’t wait to show everyone!


Yeah, I may do more. But I’m content with this for now. Be sure to comment down below your characters and dragons! I hope you enjoyed this! Until next time! Esther, out!

Weirdest Clothing Of All Time (In My Opinion)

#5: The Thong

I understand why it’s useful, but it’s still weird to me. I could not imagine being comfortable wearing a thong as I cannot even handle it when my pants ride up on me.

#4: The Bikini

The most revealing swimsuit of all time is a bikini with two tiny triangle over the chest, and a thong for the bottom. I understand people being hot, but this is just ridiculous!

#3: The Mankini

Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse. This happened. Thankfully, it is rarely seen outside of movies.

#2: Swimsuits that give you the body of a man

Just search ‘One-piece swimsuits that look like a hairy man body’ and you will see.

#1: Jean Thongs

Exactly what it sounds like. Jeans with holes cut into the butt to turn them into a thong. I’ll never understand humanity…

That’s the end! Let me know your choices in the comments! Until next time! Esther, out.

Esther The Matchmaker (Who Will You Fall For? Sonic, Shadow, Silver, or Scourge?) #1

Not to be confused with Who Will Fall For You? Sonic The Hedgehog Heroes or Villains Editions. This one is just a simple four stage quiz that takes you through the basic steps of romance. First Meeting, First Date, Proposal, and Marriage. This one is the first.

Disclaimer: I don not own any of the characters, songs, places, or images represented in this quiz except for my own. Thanks.

Warning: Includes sassy attitude and flirting. But of course, I never swear, so you don’t have to worry about that! 😀

Let’s Begin.

Part 1: Being Matched

You wake up early. Today is the day you’re supposed to meet the matchmaker. Due to your rather unfortunate luck with romantic relationships, you had enlisted her help to find you someone you would be compatible with. Everyone usually rejected your advances because…?

A. They think I’m not that into them, since I’m always on the go and don’t have much patience for heart-to-hearts or really, any conversation longer than five minutes. I can’t help it! I just love to be on the move!

B. They find me cold and distant, or too angsty and edgy. It frustrates them because I don’t like to talk about my feelings or anyone else’s. I just have trouble trusting people…

C. They think I’m too trusting and naïve. They found it cute at first, but it got irritating after a while because they kept having to protect me from liars. I can’t help it if I think that everyone’s good and kindhearted!

D. They thought I was a player, as I kept flirting with every hot guy in sight. I can’t help being a lover!

You ate breakfast and got ready for the day. What are you going to wear?


You probably don’t have the cast or whatever that is…




Now, you head out to meet your matchmaker. You don’t know much about her, other than her name is Esther and she has a knack for finding the perfect couples due to her amokinetic powers. She requested you choose the place you wanted to meet her since it helped her learn more about her clients personalities. So, where did you choose?

A. My favourite park. I love to jog along these trails and stop at the hot dog cart every once in a while for a bite.

B. Outside a café I come to often to be alone with my thoughts and have a drink.

C. In a place that has lots of flowers, like a florists. I find them so soothing and beautiful with their bright colours and sweet smells.

D. A mall. I come here to hang out and/or meet hot guys. 😉

When you got there, you saw a brown hedgehog with turquoise streaks dyed into her bangs and big beautiful blue eyes. She smiles at you and waves. “Hi, I’m Esther! You must be my client!”

A. *Smiles* Yeah, I’m YN! *Offers hand to shake.* It’s nice to meet you! Esther: *shakes hands* It’s nice to meet you, too!

B. Yes, that would be me. I’m YN. Esther: Emo. Nice! I like it.

C. I-I guess so. I’m YN. I like your hair. Esther: Aww! Thanks! I like yours too!

D. *Smiles* Yep, I’m YN. *winks* Esther: Nice to meet you!

“Come right this way, our ride awaits!” Esther said, leading you to a turquoise motorcycle.

A. Sweet ride!

B. Mine’s better…

C. Oh! I’ve never ridden a motorcycle before! (option of being excited or scared)

D. Not bad!

Esther hands you a helmet (no concussions in this quiz! Not that I doubt my ability to drive or anything…) and you both get on. She drives you to a large building that appears to be her office/house/playhouse.

A. Talk about your glass castles… Esther: IKR!!! 😀

B. Meh. Esther: Meh? You: Meh.

C. Wow! How pretty! Esther: Thanks!

D. Nice castle. Esther: Thanks, I– You: Mine’s better. Esther: Wait, what?

Inside, there was a huge lobby with various glass elevators. Esther leads you into one and you begin rising upwards to the top of the building.

A. Cool! You can see right through everything!

B. *no comment*

C. Umm… This is really high up.

D. I like that you can see through the walls. >:3

Finally, you reached the top. Which was some sort of recreational area made of glass with art all around, lounges, and a snack bar.

A. YAY! Snacks!

B. I’ll just be looking out the window…

C. I love the art!

D. *heads straight to the lounge and flops down on it* Mmm, comfy…

There were four others in the room. Which one was the first to catch your eye?

A. The blue one at the snack bar eating off of a plate piled high with chili dogs. He saw you looking and smiled at you.

B. The black one looking out of the window with his arms crossed. He gives you a nod of acknowledgement.

C. The silver one looking at the dragon sculpture. He noticed you looking and gave you a shy smile and wave.

D. The green one lounging on the turquoise velvet recliner. He opened his eyes to see you looking and smiled and winked at you.

Esther clapped her hands to get everyone’s attention. “All right boys! You trusted me to find you a perfect match, and that’s what I’m going to do! This is YN. She is also here for a perfect match. Who would like to ask her a question first?”

“I will!” Says the blue one. He runs over to you with incredible speed. “I’m Sonic, by the way. It’s a pleasure to meet!” He shakes your hand, and then thinks for a minute. “What would you do if you saw someone in trouble?”

A. Help them, of course! Sonic: Me too!

B. It depends… What kind of trouble are they in? Sonic: You are over-complicating this. Esther: She’s got a good point.

C. I would do everything I could to help them. Sonic: Cool!

D. I don’t know, I might help them… or not. I might just stand there and laugh my head off. It depends. Sonic: Ooookay?

“Very good!” Esther said. “Who’s next? Shadow!” Shadow sighs and walks over. “I fail to see how this works.” “It works. Trust me.” Esther replied. Shadow came over to you. “I’m Shadow, in case you didn’t figure that out.” You shake his hand. “Who do you love, and how do you show it?”

A. I love my friends and family! I show it by always being there to help them, tell them jokes, and make them smile. Shadow: I see…

B. I love people who earn it by first earning my trust and showing me kindness. I would show it by always being there for them, defending them no matter what, and doing things with them that they like even though I don’t really. Shadow: I see…

C. There aren’t many people in my life, but for those who are there, I show them I love them by being there when they need a shoulder to cry on, and cooking for them, and helping them out around the house. Shadow: I see…

D. I try to love my family, even though they don’t seem to love me very much. I show it by doing whatever I can to please them and make them proud of me. Shadow: I see…

“Very good question, Shadow!” Esther said. Shadow nodded. “Thanks.” And walked away again. “Silver, it’s your turn!” Silver blushed. “O-oh, uh… okay.” He came over to you shyly. “Hi, my name’s Silver.” He shakes your hand. “Umm… What’s your favourite colour?” “Really Silver?” Sonic asked. “you couldn’t think of anything better than that?” Silver blushed. “I like colours!”

A. I like red, I also like bright summery colours like blue, green, and yellow.

B. I suppose I like darker, more poetic colours, like black, blood red, and midnight blue…

C. It’s so hard to decide! There are so many good ones! I really like pastels and light colours.

D. Umm… Well I like darker shades of red, like maroon or burgundy. I also like black, green, and fire colours.

“Is it my turn yet?” Scourge whined. “Yes, Scourge.” Esther smiled. “Finally!” He jumped up from the lounge and came right up to you. “I’m Scourge.” He shook your hand. “Do you think I’m hot?” Everyone: “SCOURGE!!!” Esther: “That can NOT be your question!” Scourge: “I was kidding! What’s your weapon of choice?”

A. I don’t really use weapons, it kind of feels like cheating. But if I do, it would probably be a magical sword or something like that. Scourge: Ummm… Okay.

B. I use a wide variety of weapons such as guns, knives, even a katana. Scourge: Lucky…

C. I use my mind. It’s enough of a weapon. Of course, I may resort to throwing rocks and other things around me if the situation calls for it. Scourge: Okay.

D. I’ll just use whatever’s at hand, I don’t really have a preference. I like using chains and rocks though. Scourge: Yeah, me too.

“All right everyone! I have a few questions for YN!” Esther said, shooing them away. She turned back to you. “First things first, are you hungry?” You nodded. Esther smiled. “Great! Let’s go get a snack!” She led you over to the snack bar which turned out to have a wide variety of foods from around the world. Out of these, which would you order?

A. Chili dogs (or just hot dogs), fries, and orange soda (or orange juice).

B. Pasta, cesar salad, and tonic water with my favourite fruit flavour in it. And maybe a swiss roll or two with some coffee for dessert.

C. Cupcakes, fruit cup, and a smoothie.

D. Same as A, but with A LOT more fries! Maybe even poutine.

Esther leaned over to whisper to you you while you were eating. “So, which one do you like better?” She asked, making sureb the boys couldn’t hear.

A. *blushes and laughs nervously* “Errr… Sonic, I guess.” Esther: *winks* “I thought so.”

B. *looks at Esther in shock or just unamused, you pick* Esther: “Just between you and me.” You: “Fine, I like Shadow.” Esther: “Good choice.”

C. *blushes in embarrassment* “U-uhhh…” Esther: “It’s okay, I won’t tell.” You: *says very quietly* “S-Silver’s kind of cute…” Esther: *smiles* “Yeah, he’s a real sweetie.”

D. *with no shame, admits* “I think Scourge is pretty hot.” Esther: *smiles sadly because this means she can’t have him* “Yeah, me too… You have good taste.”

A little while later, after you mingle with Esther and the boys for a little longer, you realize it’s time to go. Esther hugs you (it’s up to you whether or not you allow it). “This was fun! I like you. Let’s hang out more.” You nod (again, it’s up to you whether or not you mean it). “Say ‘good-bye’, boys!” Esther calls.

A. Bye, Sonic! (You get the option of saying good-bye to everyone still, just say the names listed in the answers first, and say good-bye in that style too.) Sonic: Bye, YN! See you soon!

B. Sayonara, Shadow The Hedgehog. Shadow: Goodbye, YN.

C. Farewell, Silver! Silver: Farewell, YN! I hope we meet again!

D. Later, Scourge! Scourge: 😉 *blows you a kiss* Esther: *crying on the inside*

Esther dropped you off wherever you told her to and you went back home. As you lay in bed that night, who were you thinking about?

A. Sonic… He has a nice smile…

B. Shadow… I like his eyes…

C. Silver… He’s so fluffy! I like his hair…

D. Scourge… He’s got a nice butt (JK! Unless that’s really what you were thinking. Here’s a more child friendly one in case you like Scourge but don’t wanna be inappropriate.) He’s got nice ears…

All right! Have fun calculating and reading your results. Just say the word and I’ll add Tails, Knuckles, Mephiles, and whomever else your pretty little heart desires! Until next time!

Mostly A’s: You have been matched with Sonic!

A few days later, you were sitting at home, playing video games, when you heard a knock at your door. You went to open it and saw none other than Sonic The Hedgehog.

“Hey, YN! Would like to go out?” He asked quickly, smiling and offering you flowers.

What will your answer be?

Esther: So, Sonic, what do you think of YN?

Sonic: She’s strong, fast, beautiful, and funny. But she also likes to help people, and will do anything for her friends. We have so much in common!

He loves you, and thinks you would be a great couple. However, it’s up to you whether you want to be with him or not. Have fun deciding!

Mostly B’s: You have been matched with Shadow!

You were just hanging around your house, reading, brooding, going on social media and whatever else you do, when a bright flash of green light lit up your living room and Shadow The Hedgehog appeared. You stood calmly looking at him, and he looked at you. You both stood there silently staring each other down before Shadow finally said, “Hello, YN.”

“Hello, Shadow.” You replied.

He offered you a single flower. “If you don’t mind, I’d like you to go out with me.”

What will you answer be?

Esther: “So, Shadow, tell me what you think of YN. And please don’t be difficult and try to hide your feelings like you do.”

Shadow: “Why?”

Esther: “Because she’s reading this you big grump!”

Shadow: “(I’m not a grump, I just brood a lot.) Very well, I feel like she really understands me. She’s brave and stubborn, but also very empathetic and loving when she needs to be…”

Esther: “SAY IT!!!!”

Shadow: *quietly* “I think I love her.”

He totally loves you. And he wants to share his life with you. However, you have to make the choice. Happy deciding!

Mostly C’s: You have been matched with Silver!

You were in your kitchen cooking dinner when you heard a knock at the door. Quickly cleaning your hands, you rushed over to open it. Standing on your porch was none other than Silver The Hedgehog, holding out a big bouquet of fresh flowers.

“H-hi, YN! D-do you maybe wanna go out sometime?” He blushed.

What will you say?

Esther: “Hey, Silver! What do you think of YN?”

Silver: *blushing* “Oh! Uhh… I think she’s smart, sweet, cute, and empathetic. She’s really nice. I think I like her.” *blushes harder*

Esther: “Awww!”

He loves you! He wants to date you. But you get to choose whether or not you want to date him. Happy deciding!

Mostly D’s: You have been matched with Scourge!

You were sitting on your porch one night, staring up at the stars when you heard a whoosh. You looked in the direction of the sound and saw Scourge The Hedgehog standing there. He smiled at you.

“Hey, YN.” He said softly, since it was night. You smiled back.

“Hey, Scourge.” You replied. He came over and sat beside you, offering a beautiful wildflower he’d picked.

“Do you wanna go out with me?” He saw you hesitate and added. “C’mon, it’ll be fun.”

What will you say?

Esther: *sighs wistfully* “Tell me Scourge, what do you think about YN?”

Scourge: “Well, she’s smart, cool, a good fighter, and very hot. I think I actually like her.”

Esther: “…Oh.” *tries not to cry in front of Scourge or YN because she doesn’t want them to feel bad*

Scourge: “You gonna be okay?”

Esther: “Yeah, don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. I hear Mephiles is available.”

Scourge: “Oookay.”

He definitely likes you better than any other girl, and would be willing to settle down with you. But it’s up ultimately your decision. Have fun choosing!

Villain Pub: Imposter (Among Us Parody) (SEGA/Nintendo Villains Version)


Palpatine – Mephiles

Voldemort – Infinite

Joker – Scourge The Hedgehog

Mystique – Alicia Acorn

Zod – Fleetway Sonic

Khan – Miles Prower

Bowser – Himself

Thanos – Eggman

Jason – Rosy The Rascal

Thing – Tails Doll

Loki – Mimic

Alien – Wario

Michael – Patch D’Coolette

Pennywise – Waluigi

HAL – Phage

Homelander – Sonic.Exe (a character from a creepypasta.)

Other Villains – Metal Sonic (Terminator), Neo Metal Sonic (Ursula), Predator Hawk, The Great Battle Kukku, Flying Frog, Lightning Lynx, and Sgt. Simian.

Zuul – Zielo (a character from a fan-made comic.)

(Play music)

(In game)

You can see a character named “Infinite” running around. Not long after, a character named “King Scourge” falls into step behind him. The two stop, and turn around, and turn back. Suddenly, King Scourge pulls out a gun and shoots Infinite through the head.

(In reality)

“Ahh! Scourge! You killed me!” Infinite cried, outraged. (His phone was black with an icon of his mask on the back.) Scourge’s only response was to giggle gleefully.

“This sucks!” Infinite pouted.

“Ah, ah, ah, you can’t talk when you’re dead.” Scourge said. (His phone was also black, but with shiny 3D flames on it.)

“Yeah, don’t give him away! You’re ruining the game for everyone else!” Alicia said. (Her phone was blue with gold studs all over the back.)

“Good! If someone kills me, I will have my vengeance!” Infinite replied.

“Well now we all know it’s Scourge. Do over?” Fleetway asked.

“Do over.” Everyone replied in unison.

“You’re like those who maliciously post spoilers in the comments.” Miles commented (Ha! See what I did there! 😉 ).

“Ugh! They’re the worst.” Fleetway replied.

“Well, maybe next time you’ll think twice!” Infinite said, heading into the men’s restroom. “Now don’t start the next round without– Um, guys? There’s a dead body in the bathroom!” He said. The others chuckled a little, not really bothered. All except for Mephiles, who just kept doing whatever he was doing.

“And?” Fleetway asked.

“You don’t say…” Scourge said.

“…And it’s Bowser.” Infinite said. (As the screen zoomed out to show Bowser lying on the floor with his head ripped off. He looked a little like a cartoon ham with a spiky green shell in a red puddle on the floor. Intense music began to play.)

“What! Emergency meeting!” Mephiles cried.


“Someone has killed my most trusted employee.” Mephiles said to the group of villains gathered before him. “It appears there is a killer among us.”

The others burst into laughter.

“I’d have never guessed!” Scourge said.

“No news there!” Infinite commented.

“A killer among us killers.” Mephiles amended.

The others smiled.

“And?” Scourge asked.

“I’m saying there is an imposter in our midst!” Mephiles cried.

“Ohhhh!” Everyone said.

“Did anybody see anything?” Mephiles asked.

“No, we were all watching the game!” Scourge said.

“Eggman, you’re the bathroom attendant. Where were you?” Mephiles asked.

“I was, um, polishing my badniks.” Eggman said awkwardly.

“Sounds like something a killer would say!” Scourge said.

“Yeah!” Fleetway added.

“What! Infinite’s the one who found him! Why don’t you accuse him? Or the chipmunk girl? Maybe she did it.”

“I didn’t do it!” Alicia said, outraged.

“You sure about that?” Scourge asked suspiciously.

“You aren’t around that often. Maybe someone‘s looking for attention.” Eggman said.

“Oh, I can get plenty of attention, buster! Don’t you worry about that! Eggman is just trying to make me look guilty!” Alicia said defensively.

“Enough! Who here thinks it’s Eggman?” Mephiles asked.

A scoreboard appeared showing Eggman’s name and face, and everyone else’s faces appeared underneath.


Eggman fell into a volcano and landed in a pool of lava with his arms crossed. He began to sink.

Doctor Eggman was not The Imposter. Appeared in white text over his head. “This is bull-” He started. (Before the screen cut back to Mephiles.)

“Crap!” Mephiles said.

“Who’s gonna clean the toilets now?” Fleetway asked.

“We have more important problems.” Mephiles said. “There is still a killer among us.”

“Yes! But who is it?” Infinite asked, beginning to get freaked out.

“Until we find another clue, here is a list of tasks to keep everyone busy.” Mephiles said, giving them each a sheet of paper.

“This just looks like a bunch of jobs your employees would normally do!” Infinite accused as he read his.

“No whining! Now get to work. And speak up if you see anything suspicious.” Mephiles said.

(In a grey metal hallway with signs pointing to the War Room and Science Lab)

Miles walked calmly in one direction while Infinite nervously looked all around him before rushing by Miles in the other direction with a whimper. Miles just watched him go calmly before getting back to what he was doing.

(In the restrooms)

Fleetway kneeled beside a toilet, plunging it. “Ugh, freakin’ toilets! This is sick!” He complained.


Alicia stood in front of an odd scanning device that moved a holographic green screen over her and copied an image of her body onto the screen on the top. (Sorry, I don’t really know how to describe it.)


Scourge sat on a couch in front of a big TV with a map of the world on it, laughing as he shot at different parts of it. “Pew! Pew!” He cheered.

(At the front counter)

Mephiles leaned over the till, swiping a credit card on it over and over again. And muttering to himself.

Suddenly, an alarm blared DEAD BODIES REPORTED, and showed Miles and Alicia laying on their backs with closed eyes. Dun, dun, DUN!

“Oh no! It’s MIIIIIIILES! D: …And Alicia. |: ” Fleetway said. (I added emoji’s to make sure you got what his emotions were when he said each.)

“I thought for sure it was gonna be Alicia.” Infinite added.

“Did anyone see anything?” Mephiles asked, walking in front of them.

“Not me! I was doing my task.” Scourge said.

“All I saw was Rosy running away from where Alicia was.” Fleetway said. (Intense music plays as the screen zooms in on Rosy.)

“Rosy,” Mephiles said. “Are you killing villains in the pub? You can tell us if you are.”

“What?! No! That’s silly! I would never do anything like that!” Rosy looked at him, grinning maniacally as the screen zoomed in on her further.

The others glared at her blankly.


Rosy fell through the clouds into a deep dark pit. White words appeared on the screen Rosy The Rascal was not The Imposter. “See? I told you!” She said in the distance.

“Well… I thought I saw Rosy.” Fleetway said awkwardly.

“Maybe they were in disguise!” Scourge said.

“Who else do we know who can change their appearance?” Infinite asked.

“Tails Doll is looking pretty sus’ bro.” Fleetway said, glaring at the patchwork doll that hovered not far away. It narrowed its eyes at them.

“Yes! What do you have to say for yourself, Tails Doll?” Infinite asked accusingly as they all turned to glared at it.

“SKREEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Tails Doll shrieked.


Tails Doll fell into the same volcano as Eggman. White words appeared on the screen The Tails Doll was not The Imposter as it sank below the fiery liquid.

“Oops!” Everyone said.

“Well, who else do we know that can change their appearance?” Infinite asked.

“Hey guys! I’ve been waiting forever! Are we going to start the next round or what?” Mimic asked, coming up to them. (His phone was shulker purple with a black outline of a skull on it.)

“MIMIC!!!” They all cried angrily.

“Mimic, where did you come from?” Mephiles asked.

“Yes! Good-guy-octopus-gone-bad, who can look like anyone! Where have you been?” Infinite asked accusingly.

“I’ve been in the billiard room, waiting for the next round to start.” Mimic said.

“Sounds like something a killer would say!” Scourge said.

“What?” Mimic asked, raising an eyebrow.

“You taken any trips to Mario World lately?” Scourge asked.

“Yeah.” The others added.

“What are you talking about?” Mimic asked, beginning to be weirded out.


Mimic floated out into space, hands on his hips as white text appeared on the screen. Mimic was not The Imposter.

“Well, it wasn’t Mimic.” Fleetway said.

“It could be anyone, then…” Mephiles said.


“I SAW WARIO VENT!!!” Infinite pointed as Wario’s big purple butt disappeared into the airshaft.

Wario was not The Imposter.


“Patch isn’t taking out the trash. He’s just standing there.” Fleetway said.

Patch D’Coolette was not The Imposter.


“Waluigi keeps being Waluigi.” Scourge said.

Waluigi was not The Imposter.



Metal Sonic, Neo Metal Sonic, Predator Hawk, The Great Battle Kukku, Flying Frog, Lightning Lynx, and Sgt. Simian were not The Imposter.

“Well this is getting us nowhere.” Mephiles said.

“Innocent evil villains keep getting punished for someone else’s crime!” Infinite cried.

“Um, guys?” Scourge said as he came into the room. “Fleetway is dead.” He jerked a thumb behind him as the screen zoomed in on Fleetway, laying on his back with a glowing green spear in his chest and his head (still attached, mind you!) inside a cardboard box. Dun, dun, DUN!

“Oh no! Where?” Infinite asked.

“Storage room. Chaos spear.” Scourge said.

“Where were you?” Infinite asked.

“Where were you?” Scourge countered.

“Enough! We will check the recordings.” Mephiles said. “Phage is always watching. She will know the truth. Phage?”

“Yes, Mephiles?” Phage asked in her soothing robotic voice.

“Did you see who The Imposter is?” Mephiles asked.

“Of course! The Imposter is– bzzzt!” Phage cut off suddenly as her yellow lights went dark.

“Oh my gosh! Phage’s been sabotaged!” Infinite cried. Suddenly, the lights went out. “Oh no!” He cried, clutching his hands to his chest.

“Nobody move!” Mephiles ordered.

“Oh no! One of you is using magic or something!” Scourge said as he pulled a switchblade out of his pocket. “You just keep your distance!” He said as he ran off.

“But I’m not the killer!” Infinite protested.

“Sounds like something a killer would say!” Scourge’s voice came from the distance. Infinite fell to his knees, sobbing.

“Infinite!” Mephiles said.

“Yeah?” infinite looked up at him.

“It is up to us now.” Mephiles said determinedly. “You go to the electrical room and get the lights back on, while I reboot Phage.”

“But, Scourge is out there!” Infinite protested.

“If you are the killer, than Scourge should be no match for you.” Mephiles pointed out.

“Right.” Infinite said, standing up. “I mean, I’m not the killer. But right. Okay! I’m going to electrical!” He said, running off.


“Blasted wires!” Mephiles muttered as he stuck them back together in Phage’s fuse box. Just then, the lights came back on. “Good. Good!” He said as he stood up, having finished his work. Mephiles moved to walk away. “Infinite, finally, you do something r-AAAUGH!” Mephiles cut off with a scream as he saw a dead Scourge with his knife in his forehead and a note reading FAKER stuck to it, sitting against the wall. Dun, dun, DUN!

“Infinite! You sick, demented mercenary! You just couldn’t take losing that video game, could you!” Mephiles cried, backing away.

“Oh, I’m AfrAId It wA$n’t InfInItE!” A distorted voice called as Mephiles saw a dark form coming down the hallway. Infinite’s limp body dropped in front of him as the true killer revealed himself. Dun, dun, DUN!

“Sonic.Exe.” Mephiles said as he narrowed his eyes.

“HEllO, MEphIlE$.” Sonic.Exe greeted.

“I should have known…” Mephiles said. “A demon dressed as a hero. You are The Imposter!” He accused.

“Mephiles, The Imposter is the one called Sonic.Exe!” Phage piped up behind him.

“Yes. Thank you, Phage. Maybe bring that up a little sooner next time.” Mephiles said.

“Yes, sir!” Phage replied.

“I wOUld’nt cAll mY$Elf An ImpOstOr… $O mUch A$ An All pOwErfUl, mI$UndEr$tOOd, $UpEr bEIng.” .Exe said.

“You are no match for me.” Mephiles warned. Sonic.Exe sighed deeply.

“I cAn dO whAtEvEr I wAnt.” He said, and then shot red electric lasers out of his eyes–!

“Aaaagh!” Mephiles awoke with a gasp, breathing heavily. He was back at the front counter where the others were playing Among Us.

“AH! Scourge! You killed me!” Infinite accused. Scourge’s only response was to cackle gleefully.

“This sucks!” Infinite sulked.

“Ah, ah, ah. You can’t talk when you’re dead.” Scourge said.

“Yeah, don’t give him away! You’re ruining the game for everyone else!” Alicia said.

Their voices faded out as Mephiles sank into deep thought. This all seemed very familiar… Had his dream been a vision?

“ExcU$E mE,” Sonic.Exe said, leaning his elbows on the counter.

Mephiles gasped. “What did you say?”

“I $AId, ‘dO yOU hAvE AnY mIlk?’.” Sonic.Exe said as Mephiles’ vision began to go red. Mephiles shook his head, snapping out of it, and smiled.

“Oh! Milk! Of course! We have precisely the milk you so desire! Right this way!” He beckoned, leading .Exe into his private kitchen.

“It is of the finest quality. I keep it in my private fridge so none of my employees feel tempted to take any.” Mephiles gestured toward the fridge, standing aside so Sonic.Exe could open it.

“MEph…” Sonic.Exe said, turning to look at him. “YOU’rE A lIfE $AvEr.” And then he opened the fridge.

“ZIELO!!!” Shrieked an extraterrestrial creature that looked a little like Silver. (The fridge was a doorway to a pocket dimension where Mephiles had trapped Zielo to keep him from eating the multi-verse.)

“WhAt thE?!!!! AAAAAAAAAGH!” .Exe shrieked as Zielo grabbed him with his magic hair (that he also kills people with!) and dragged him inside the fridge dimension. The door slammed shut behind them as Mephiles watched it all calmly.

“In this case, yes. I do believe I am…” Mephiles said, walking away as the screen faded to black.


Here’s the original story if you’d like to watch it!

Thanks for reading! Until next time! Esther, out! (I really hope there weren’t any major grammatical mistakes here! It gets kind of glitchy when the posts get as long as this one!)

The Best Movie Soundtracks (In My Opinion)

So, here’s another post of “filler-content” as I like to call it. I know you people probably don’t care about my opinions unless they match yours, but it makes me feel good to talk about this stuff, so, I’m gonna do it anyway.

Photo by Charles Parker on Pexels.com

The best movie soundtracks I’ve ever heard, here we go!

#1: How To Train Your Dragon

This is the obvious choice for number one, beautiful music that touches your very heart and manipulates your emotions like nothing I’ve ever heard. Especially The Hidden World soundtrack. My personal favourites are “Third Date”, “The Hidden World”, and “Furies In Love”. If I had to choose just one soundtrack to listen to for the rest of my life, it would probably be this one.

#2: Maleficent

I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something about this soundtrack that sparks my adrenaline every time I hear it. It’s like a villainous combo of edgy vs sweet vs grief vs redemption. Kind of like the movie. I don’t have a particular favourite, but I’d suggest “Maleficent Flies”, “The Christening”, “Maleficent Is Captured”, and “Queen of Faerieland”.

#3: Frozen

Say what you will, this never gets old! The instrumental soundtrack is almost as good as the songs with lyrics! My favourites are any and all songs performed by Idina Menzel, as well as “Sorcery”, “Summit Siege”, “The Dark Sea”, and “Ghosts of Arrendelle Past”.

#4: The Lion King

The old one, just to be clear. I love how beautifully dramatic it is. Two of my favourite songs are “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”, and “King of Pride Rock”.

#5: Tarzan

While it’s not my favourite, this is definitely one of the best and well worth listening to. Phil Collins is so talented! My favourites are “Two Worlds”, “You’ll Be In My Heart”, and “Trashin’ The Camp”. Especially “Trashin’ The Camp”.

Okay, now you’ve been reading about me babbling on about songs I like, please comment below what movie soundtracks you really like.

Until next time! Esther, out!

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