You are trapped in a white room without windows. In front of you are two doors. A blue door, and a red door.

Behind the blue door is you will find Sonic.Exe, which is a creepypasta version of Sonic. If you enter that door he will almost certainly brutally and painfully murder you for fun, unless you can somehow miraculously find a way to escape (it’s impossible to defeat him).

So scary…

Behind the red door is Dr. Eggman wearing a pink bikini with yellow spots and posing seductively. If you enter that door, you can probably make it out of the room alive, but that image will forever be burned into you brain for the rest of your life!

So hairy…

There is no other way out of the room.

Which one will you choose? Comment below.

Be A Responsible Parent!!!

Be a responsible parent, and don’t let your kids watch movies like The Brave Little Toaster and Coraline. Such movies are damaging to their psyches. Even the people who made The Brave Little Toaster admitted that it could be considered a horror film!

If children MUST see these movies, at least have them wait until they are old enough to distinguish fiction from reality. This is usually around age fourteen and older (though it varies from child to child).

I’m telling you this because even though I haven’t seen these movies, all I had to do was read a review about both of them and it kept me up late for days, even weeks! And I’m almost a freaking adult!
And before you call me a wuss, let me tell you that I’ve watched movies like Jurassic World, X-Men, The Piarates of The Caribbean, The Lord of The Rings, and Van Helsing (movies that are supposed to be actually scary) and I was fine!

So please, spare your children, and don’t let them watch movies like this. They really don’t need it. Thank you.

A YouTube Channel?

Hi! I’ve been thinking of starting a YouTube channel. The idea is, I’ll make up original stories to tell, fairytales, roleplays, comedies, etc. and take videos of me telling them and post them on this channel. I also thought it might be fun to use some of my fanfics and maybe read aloud the older books and stories that nobody really owns, like Grimm Brothers. I’m thinking the setting will be in my “woman cave” which is technically my bed, but if you saw it, you’d know why I call it that. I’ll use costumes and props, and may even hire my siblings as supporting characters for larger projects. I don’t know how well this will take, but I’m gonna work on some scripts and I will let you all know in a post when the first video(s) is/are ready, as well as post a link to it/them.

Thank you all for your support! Fangirl, out!

Angry Meme

I made this cuz I saw something similar and got angry. This is how I deal. (I don’t have a meme-creating app or whatever it’s called, so I have to do it this way.)

Santa: “Before you laugh at kids for believing in me… Remember that there are STILL people out there who think that Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau are qualified to lead a country…” LOLZZZZZZ!!!! 😀

That’s how I get angry. Thank you, thank you very much. Peace out.

Sonic Characters x Reader Disney/Fairytale Parodies (I NEED HELP!)

So, this is something I’ve been planning to do for a while; the issue is, I don’t know which characters to use for what! There are some that seem like an obvious choice, but then I see another and I’m all like “THAT ONE! That one for sure!”; and so, I thought I’d let you all vote and decide.

Sonic x Reader:
Any of the Cinderella movies will do, I feel like he acts a little like Prince Charming. The Little Mermaid is good too, except for the fact that Sonic hates water and can’t swim; but I’m sure I can still make it work! You decide!

Shadow x Reader:
I thought he’d work in either Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent, or Beauty and The Beast. Choose your favourite.

Silver x Reader:
Either Sleeping Beauty or… Well, I don’t know right now, but I feel like I can do better. Let me know what you think.

Tails x Reader:
Tails is, well… It’s hard to find a good one for Tails. Maybe The Black Cauldron or The Sword In The Stone (I can add in YN as Guinevere even though she wasn’t in the movie). I also thought Snow White could maybe work, but I don’t know if he’s similar enough to that prince. You decide, and let me know if you can find anything better! Maybe Big Hero 6?

Knuckles x Reader:
This is also really hard. I’m thinking maybe Hercules? I mean, he’s also an introverted strong guy, but he’s also got a temper on him that’s not quite like Hercules, but I think the similarities outnumber the differences, so, unless you can think of something better, I’ll probably use this one. He could also be Kristoff in a Frozen fanfic where YN is Anna.

Scourge x Reader:
Tangled, or Beauty and The Beast? Maybe Aladdin?

Manic x Reader:
Aladdin. Definitely. But Tangled could also work.

Mephiles x Reader:
He’s also hard to find a good one. I’m thinking maybe Maleficent or else Beauty and The Beast. How many Disney movies have a villain as the protagonist who falls in love with the princess? Yeesh. We need more of those, if just for the purpose of fanfiction. Anyways, let me know what you think!

Jet x Reader:
Either Tangled or Moana where Maui is in love with her. His ego doesn’t allow a good match for many others. Let me know what you think!

Okay, so that’s everything for now! Cast your votes in the comments! And feel free to request other boys you would like to see and/or the fairytales you would like to see them in! Until next time! Fangirl, out.

Sonic X Elise: Rewrite The Stars

This is a video I want to create, but I’m not sure if I can since I’m incapable of buying and downloading the song I want, so I’m doing it in a way that’s probably much more complicated. By posting the picture I would use in the video, and leaving the actual video at the top of the post for you to play while you’re look at the screenshot. Okay, maybe it’s not that complicated; unless I decide to add more pictures…

(All materials belong to their original owners.)

Click the play button, then scroll down to view the screenshot.

And there you go; as you can see, I have no life. Fangirl, out.


Due to recent council from my parents, there will be some changes around here.

First, I will now use my name as little as possible. This means I will probably change the names in posts I have already published. I will also stop making my OCs look just like me.

I have already changed the name of my blog to The Fan Show until I come up with something better. Though the website is still called by the original name. I will now refer to myself as Fangirl.

I will still refrain from using more personal information, such as my last name, email address, wi-fi password, etcetera.

I will continue to update this post as changes are made. Thank you for your understanding.

Fangirl, out.

Friends (A Scourge The Hedgehog story)

Warning! This is probably going to be very sad. I promise I’m okay, I just like imagining tragic things sometimes because for some reason I like to cry. I’m sorry if you don’t and this makes you cry.

This is a fan fiction about when Scourge was a kid, and he had a friend who was like a sibling to him. That friend was you…


More than ten years ago, Scourge was a little kid named Sonic. He had blue fur with green eyes instead of the other way around, no scars, no jacket. He was just a little boy in a world doomed to ruin. A very lonely and neglected little boy. A little boy who was currently running for his life.

Six-year-old Sonic panted as he ran through the streets of his home city, Mobotropolis. Despite his speed, he was having trouble outrunning the gang of teenagers chasing after him. He ducked into an alleyway and came face-to-face with a twelve-foot brick wall. He turned around to see the teenagers closing in, with wicked smirks on their faces.

“Looks like Little Boy Blue has nowhere left to run,” The leader cackled, cracking his knuckles. “This’ll be easy!” He advanced threateningly and Sonic gasped, backing into the corner and hiding behind a trash can. The older kids laughed at his efforts, and the meaty one grabbed the trash can and threw it over the wall. He was about to grab Sonic, but a voice from behind them made him pause.

“Leave him alone!” It commanded. The gang turned around to see another six-year-old-ish kid standing with their hands on their hips, glaring at them in a commanding manner. The gang leader laughed at them.
“And what are you going to do?” He sneered.
“Simple really,” The other kid replied, unfazed. “You see, I have the power to explode things with my mind.” They continued, “And I’m going to explode your head unless you let that boy go.”
The gang leader raised his eyebrow skeptically.
“Oh, really?” He smirked. “I bet you’re lying! We’ll get you, too!” He threatened.
“Do you need a demonstration?” The kid asked, and beside them, a trash bag exploded, leaving nothing but a pile of stinking ash. “That’ll be your head next.” The kid warned. “I’m giving you ten seconds to run… Ten–” They didn’t have to finish counting, as soon as they said that, the teens all ran out of there, screaming like a bunch of babies. After they were gone, the kid walked over to Sonic, offering him their hand.

“Are you okay?” They asked.
“I’m fine.” Sonic said quietly, not meeting their eyes. “…Thanks.”
“I’m YN. What’s your name?” The kid, YN, asked.
“S-Sonic,” He replied, still avoiding their gaze. He wasn’t sure why they were being so friendly, but he was sure there was some evil reason. Perhaps they wanted a favor? That would make sense, considering who his dad was.
“Sonic,” YN repeated, oblivious to his discomfort. “That’s really cool.” They smiled, and Sonic felt all his worries melt away. He accepted YN’s hand and they pulled him to his feet.
“Wanna play?” The M/T asked with a glint in their eyes. Sonic gulped. Play? The M/T tilted their head in confusion at his apparent reluctance.
“What’s the matter? Don’t you know how to play?” They asked. Sonic shook his head. He hardly ever left the house, and even then his father usually never let him out of his sight. Today was different as he was being looked after by an incompetent nanny while his father was away on business. He was able to sneak out of the house, but then he’d gotten into trouble with the street thugs who probably wanted to ransom him or something if they knew who his father was. The M/T looked at him with a soft smile and took his hand again.
“It’s okay! I’ll teach you how!” They said, leading him out of the alley. YN led him to a park and explained the rules of the game to him.

“It’s called ‘tag’.” YN explained. “It can have two players, or as many players as you want, but one of us always starts as ‘it’.” Sonic nodded to show he understood. “Okay, ‘it’ chases the other players, tagging them until everyone has been tagged, and then it’s someone else’s turn to be ‘it’.” Sonic nodded again. “Good, now I’ll be ‘it’, and you run away from me.” YN suddenly started running around Sonic, tagging him and saying “you’re it”. Sonic quickly caught on and started chasing them, but running at normal speed to give them a fair chance. They played like this for a while until it was time for YN to go home. Sonic went home too, and snuck into his bedroom to avoid a lecture from his father. For the first time in his life, he was happy, and he wasn’t gonna give that up!

Sonic and YN had been friends for three years now, and it was still the best thing that had ever happened to him. At 9, they had matured somewhat beyond little games like tag or hide and seek, and sought better adventures. Right now though, they were just sitting in a park, making a picnic out of the lunch that YN’s parents had packed for them. (PB&J, unless you’re allergic, then substitute some other kind of sandwich, baby carrots, apple slices, and grape juice.)
“Wanna see something cool?” YN asked, downing the last of their juice.
“Sure!” Sonic stood, tossing his juice box on the ground. YN snatched it up and tossed it in the bin across the road and managed not to make Sonic feel guilty that they were picking up after him.
“Come on!” YN pulled him through the park to a more secluded area in the woods. Pushing aside some bushes, they revealed a treehouse. Sonic gasped in delight and ran over to inspect it. Though it was old, it was in pretty good shape. And was the perfect secret clubhouse for two adventurous kids.
“This is great! How’d you find it?” Sonic asked.
“A couple days ago, while I was exploring.” YN proudly explained, climbing the ladder into the house. Inside it was amazing! At least in the eyes of an imaginative kid. There were piles of dead leaves that had blown inside over the years, and an old bird nest in one corner. But to them, it was perfect.
“This is a castle!” Sonic declared suddenly. Grabbing a wooden chair that had toppled over and setting it upright in the center of one wall. “And I’m the king!” He sat on the chair in his most regal manner, or, as regal as a nine-year-old boy can be.
“I’ll be your most trusted knight then!” YN said, grabbing a stick for a sword and kneeling before Sonic’s “throne”. “What is your bidding, my king?” They asked, though their giggling somewhat ruing the effect.
“I have a quest for you.” Sonic replied in a lofty tone. “You most go forth, and help me clean my castle. It’s a disgrace!” He imitated his father when he told him to clean the house, although instead of having YN do it all by themselves, he fully intended to help.
“Okay! I’ll clear out that nest first!” YN replied, standing.
“I’ll go get my broom from my house!” Sonic said, running off.
“Sonic,” YN called, and he turned to look at them.
“Promise me we’ll be be friends forever.” They smiled in that sweet, goofy way that always made Sonic feel better.
“I promise. No matter what.” He said, and they shook hands before he left.

The duo spent many years in that treehouse. Three, actually. They cleaned it well, and filled it with many toys. Like a pretend kitchen set for playing chef, and swords and shields and crowns for playing knights, and claws and fangs and masks for playing dragons.
“You know what I think?” YN said to Sonic while they mixed nuts, leaves, and berries in their little pot with a stick.
“What?” Sonic asked.
“I think we should start a club.” YN said.
“What?” Sonic’s eyes widened in shock.
“I mean, it’s fun for us to play together, but at the same time, it’s boring without more friends. I think other friends will be fun. And then I won’t have to be all alone here when you have to go to those big ceremonies with your dad.” YN explained, adding some murky rainwater to their brew. Wind howled around the outside of the treehouse, causing the wood to creak.
“I don’t want more friends! People hate me!” Sonic said.
“That’s not true! I don’t!” YN replied, looking up from what they were doing in alarm.
“That’s because you’re different! Other people are mean!” Sonic felt angry that YN would even suggest letting other people into their secret group.
“You’re being silly! I bet if you just talked to them, you’d see how nice people are!” YN put their hands on their hips, glaring at Sonic. It started to rain outside.
“NO! I DON’T WANT TO!” Sonic screamed, kicking the pot over.
“Stop it! You’re being mean!” YN cried. Thunder crashed in the background but neither one of the twelve-year-olds paid any attention.
“No! YOU ARE!” Sonic ran out of the treehouse and away from the woods as fast as he could and didn’t look back. He found a quiet place halfway around the world to throw his tantrum, kicking trees and throwing rocks and sticks and screaming at the top of his lungs.
“I HATE YOU!” He kept saying over and over, although it’s difficult to know who this was directed to, or if it was directed to anyone at all.
When he had burned himself out, he ran home through the storm and went to his room to sleep.

The next day, he went back out to the woods.
“YN?” He called. No answer.
Suddenly, he heard sirens. Though that was not uncommon, it was odd for them to be this far from civilization.
“YN?” He called again.
The sirens were getting closer. Was he in trouble? In his imagination, he saw himself being chased by police and taken to jail. He panicked, and hid behind a tree. After a few minutes he saw an ambulance driving by through the trees. He abandoned his search and ran back home.

Sonic stared numbly at his father, hearing his words but not believing them.
“I’m sorry,” Jules said emotionlessly. “The medics said that wind from the storm had blown the tree over and pinned them underneath it. YN was dead by the time they found them.” Sonic felt a familiar emotion build up inside of him. Anger, grief, horror. He had felt these all the times he’d been abused, physically or verbally. And the time his father told Sonic that it was his fault that his mother died. That he’d killed her by being born. But this time, it was stronger. Much stronger.
“I’m sorry, son.” Jules said again. Sonic looked up at his father, suddenly filled with hatred for the man who’d done nothing but bring him pain all his life.
“No you’re not!” He growled and ran away. He didn’t know where he was going, he just knew he had to get away from his father. Tears streamed down his face as the same words echoed over and over in his mind.

YN is dead. YN is dead. YN is dead.

He finally collapsed at the bottom of the treehouse where they’d spent so much time together. He cried, screaming at the sky. Asking whatever deity there might be why they would do this to him? Why would they take his friend? His best friend? His only friend?
Sobs wracked his body as climbed up the rickety wooden ladder and inside the structure that had housed so many happy memories. They wouldn’t anymore, now that YN was gone. Suddenly overcome with grief and exhaustion, the little hedgehog curled up in the corner and cried himself to sleep.

At the funeral, Sonic spotted YN’s parents. They had met on occasions when YN brought him over to play or have lunch. He walked over and stopped a short distance away, not really knowing what to say. YN’s mother, MN, looked up and spotted him. She smiled through her tears.
“Hello, Sonic.” She said softly. DN, YN’s father, looked up as well.
“Hey kid,” He smiled sadly.
“Hi,” Sonic barely managed to get his voice above a whisper.
“You know, YN really loved you.” MN said. Sonic bit his lip as he felt more tears prick his eyes.
“I know,” He paused for a moment. “Next time, we should invite more of their friends to play with us. They would like that.” He said, dazed in grief. He walked away with the concerned gazes of two MT following him.


Sonic, now called Scourge, was sitting on a bench in the same park where he used to play with YN. He had become a gang leader, seen the multi-verse, changed his name and appearance with the power of the master emerald, stole Sonic’s girlfriend, conquered the planet, gone to jail, broken out of jail, and broken up with Fiona (though they were still friends).
Much had happened to Scourge since YN’s death, and he still missed them. But over time, the pain became more bearable. He smiled at the memory of his friend, deciding to visit their grave later and leave flowers.
Scourge’s ears pricked up as he heard the sound of feminine voices chatting and multiple light footsteps approaching. He looked up to see a group of girls walking down the path and chatting with each other amiably. A blonde human, a human-like being with wolf ears and glowing eyes, and three hedgehogs, one brunette, one caramel, and one strawberry blonde.
The brunette hedgehog in particular caught his eye. She looked ordinary, with plain brown fur and plain blue eyes. She was pretty, but nothing remarkable, and fairly slender. But something about her face made him look twice.
He realized that she reminded him of YN. The glint in her eyes, the childish smile, and the excited way she spoke while gesturing with her hands to emphasize what she was saying. These were things that YN used to do.
Before he knew it, Scourge was standing up and walking toward them at a brisk pace.
“Evening, ladies!” He greeted, sounding a little more excited than he would’ve liked.
The girls all looked a little wary, but smiled and returned the greeting anyway. Scourge nodded towards the brunette.
“Wanna go out later?” He blurted. Her slender brows raised in surprise and she smiled, laughing nervously.
“I don’t know what to say!” She breathed. “This is all so sudden!” Scourge nodded.
“I know. But you don’t have to answer me right away. Just, you know, call me.” He said, giving her his number. She took it, carefully slipping it into her pocket. Out of the corner of his eye, Scourge saw the blonde human girl give him a disapproving scowl, but he chose to ignore her and focus on the brunette.
“What’s your name?” He asked.
“Esta.” Came the soft reply. He smiled.
“I’ll see you around, Esta.” He said, her companions giggled behind her, except for the blonde. Esta blushed and smiled at him. He returned the smile and turned to walk away.
“Wait! What’s your name?” Esta asked. He smirked at her over his shoulder.
“Call me if you wanna find out.” He said. The other girls “oohed” behind her and gave her a few teasing shoves.
“THAT’S NOT FAIR!!!” The blonde cried, putting a defensive hand on Esta’s shoulder.
“It’s fine Mar.” Esta giggled. “I’m finding it so, so hot.” The blonde, Mar, frowned at her, giving her The Stare.
“Take that back.” She growled.
“Okay,” Esta squeaked in fear. Scourge’s eyes widened and he backed away with his hands up in surrender.
“I’ll see you later!” He said and ran off, smiling to himself. He had a feeling that this was gonna be the start of a beautiful friendship.

He stood in front of YN’s tombstone, laying a bouquet of flowers on the grave. It was raining, but a gentle, refreshing rain. The kind that one always welcomes.
“Hi, YN. Just wanted to say, thanks for being my friend.” Scourge smiled sadly, sitting down and letting the rain fall on his face as the sun began to set and the stars came out.
“Actually, thanks for everything.”


🎵Spider-Man! Spider-Man!🎵

Spider-Man HISHEs! Definitely watch if you’ve seen the movies!

DISCLAIMER!!! I do not own anything. Spider-Man and other characters belong to their respective owners, and the videos belong to HISHE.

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” “Those are the best kind.”
“I think you guys are the GOAT!!!”
“Well, I love your daughter, so does that mean you’re gonna kill her too?”
“And IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII will try not to forget yoouuuuuuuu! But let’s be realistic. Some things change over time.”
“I’m Spider-Man, ya’ll!”

Okay, lazy outro time! I’ll see ya in the next one! Esther, out!

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